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Support Paul Newell against Sheldon Silver

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Dear Friends-

I'm writing to let you know why I am supporting Paul Newell for Assembly against Sheldon Silver in the Sept. 9th primary this year.

For years Sheldon Silver has failed to represent the progressive values of New Yorkers. From abetting de-regulation of rent control to killing congestion pricing in a closed door meeting, Silver has operated in an environment of secrecy dominated by special interests like developer Bruce Ratner.

By supporting Paul Newell, we can send a message to Albany that enough is enough. Paul is a genuinely progressive candidate who has dedicated his career to public service in the public sector. Among his progressive stances; Paul supports true reform in Albany, affordable housing, clean elections, repeal of the Rockefeller Drug Laws and congestion pricing.

Incumbents in NY rely on big donors and low turnout. By supporitng our grassroots effort you can help build a new coalition of activists and traditionally disenfranchised constituencies including young and low-income voters. New York deserves more from its legislature, please help Paul Newell deliver it and begin a new era in New York politics free of the constraints of the three men in a room system.

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