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  • Help for the Middle Class

    • Make quality, affordable health care available to all Iowans
    • Support veterans and their families by ensuring they receive all the benefits and services to which they are entitled
    • Help Iowa homeowners facing foreclosure in today’s tough economy
    • Protect our kids and grand kids from sexual predators

  • Good Paying Jobs & Revitalizing Iowa's Rural Economy

    • Make Iowa energy independent by reducing our dependence on foreign oil and increasing the amount of energy generated from renewable sources
    • Provide incentives to develop new renewable energy technologies that will add value to the crops of Iowa farmers
    • Partner with local communities and businesses to encourage more production of renewable energy equipment, such as wind, solar, and biofuels that have already created 2,300 green jobs across Iowa
    • Expand job training opportunities for high-tech and green collar workers
    • Encourage more wind energy small and large wind energy production
    • Help Iowa families and businesses become more energy efficient

  • Preparing Kids for the Future

    • Ensure quality, affordable preschool is available to all Iowa kids
    • Make sure all kids have quality health care
    • Keep higher education affordable for middle class families
    • Make sure kids graduate with the skills they need to compete for a job in today’s global economy

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    • Balance the state budget
    • Identify & eliminate wasteful spending in state agencies
    • Consolidate departments that perform similar functions
    • Avoid raising taxes on Iowa’s middle class

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