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  • Economy and Jobs

    Delegate Lewis believes in the power of our economy to create jobs and raise our standard of living for our children and our communities.  He has consistently received high ranking from Virginia’s business community (VaFREE) and particularly small business (endorsed for re-election by the National Federation of Independent Business 2009).  Delegate Lewis has supported legislation to promote affordable health plans for small business and has taken tough stands to protect small business from runaway health insurance costs.

    Delegate Lewis serves on the Governors Aerospace Advisory Commission. He was very involved in the Commonwealth’s efforts to launch Orbital Sciences COTS project from the Mid-Atlantic Regional spaceport. He has also been active in securing funding for broadband deployment on the Eastern Shore as a vital part of that regions economic development and future.

    Delegate Lewis has worked hard to promote public safety. With Governor Warner, he worked to increase salaries for our Deputies and Troopers . He worked across state lines to help rid our area of illegally licensed “Tennessee tags” and has worked to protect our Volunteer Firefighters in performing their service.


  • Transportation

    Delegate Lewis believes that our Commonwealth and our Hampton Roads region is in a transportation crisis. 

    Delegate Lewis also supported Governor McDonnell’s transportation package during the 2011 General Assembly Session and voted to improve it by protecting general fund dollars.

    Delegate Lewis believes that even with passage of Governor’s transportation proposal, we have only just begun to deal with our transportation problem.

  • Environment

    Delegate Lewis has been named a Legislative Leader or Legislative Hero seven times by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.  He has sponsored legislation which created a study of state support for locality’s purchase of development rights programs.

    Delegate Lewis was appointed to the Chesapeake Bay Commission by the Speaker of the House of Delegates and has served since 2006. To see the Commission’s work visit

  • Education

    Delegate Lewis has been endorsed for re-election each time by the Virginia Education Association.  Public education is the great equalizer in America.  Our system of public education is responsible for the historically unparalleled standard of living we have achieved in this Country.  Surely our system of public education can be improved and we cannot rest on past achievements.

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