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Keep Arsenic out of our Chicken and our Environment

We have a chance to keep 30,000 pounds of arsenic each year out of Maryland’s soil and the Chesapeake Bay – and out of the chickens we process for sales across the U.S. For the third year, the General Assembly is considering a bill I sponsor to ban the use of arsenic-containing drugs. There is also a bill sponsored by Representative Steve Israel in Congress to ban this product nationwide. Sign the petition below to send a message to the Maryland General Assembly and to Congress that a ban must be passed!

Dear Representative,

I am writing to ask that you support the Maryland ban on using arsenic in poultry feed. Arsenic is one of the most infamous poisons out there, and it has no place in our food supply. It is a threat to our public health and our environment.

The poultry industry has been feeding arsenic to chickens for decades to increase growth and impact meat pigmentation. The arsenic ends up in the chicken we eat, our water, and the environment, exposing the public to unnecessary health risks. Waste from poultry plants and poultry houses inevitably finds its way into the environment. It is typically sprayed over agricultural fields where it quickly pollutes the waterways, including the Chesapeake Bay, where it is not only a danger to wildlife and the environment, but it poisons us a second time through the water supply.

The supposed benefits of feeding arsenic to chickens is completely unfounded and unproven. The dangers of this practice are not. Please support this commonsense ban. Stop letting poultry producers put arsenic in their feed.


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    For more information, visit the MomsRising blog here for an article by bill sponsor Delegate Tom Hucker about this critical piece of legislation.