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Tell the General Assembly:
Stop the "Luxury Lane WSSC Rate Hike"

The Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission (WSSC) estimates widening I-495 and I-270 for high-cost Luxury Lanes could increase our water bills by as much as 58% over the first ten years and by 277% over 40 years! Read the Washington Post coverage on this issue here.

WSSC told county officials today the $11 billion Luxury Lane plan could cost another $2 billion to move water and sewer mains. the. That means every WSSC customer in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties will foot the bill. In fact, under current law, the toll lane company may not have to pay a dime!

This huge potential increase in water bills for Montgomery & Prince George’s County residents is a complete surprise. In over two years of testimony and public meetings MDOT hasn’t said one word about us footing a $2 billion construction bill for the Luxury Lane company.

First, MDOT wouldn’t tell us how high the tolls will be—and now this. What other “surprises” are waiting for us?

Taxpayers cannot afford to find out. We need to make sure that the tollway concessionaire is on the hook to pay all out-of-pocket costs for MDOT’s plan to expand I-495 and I-270 for four high-cost, for-profit tollways.

Send a message to your State Delegates and Senators before Monday, a key legislative deadline. Tell them the tollway company must pay ALL related construction costs, not Maryland taxpayers or WSSC customers. Tell them to “Say No to the Luxury Lane WSSC Rate Hike” and “Yes to protecting Maryland” from predatory privatized highway boondoggles.