Tell Republicans: Reject Impeachment!

The Washington Post is reporting that impeachment is “all-but-certain” if Republicans win this fall’s elections. Tea Partiers at the Republican Party Convention in South Dakota just passed an impeachment resolution targeting President Obama - and now two Republicans in Congress say they "probably" have the votes in the House!

Speak out now to stop this extremism – add your name below to tell Republicans to drop their trumped-up impeachment charges:

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22383 4.6 years ago Casey Jo Remy
22382 5 years ago Loretta Comstock
22381 5.3 years ago Nicole Porter
22380 5.3 years ago Nicole Porter
22379 5.4 years ago Teresa Hargrove
22378 5.4 years ago Anonymous
22377 5.4 years ago Ann Ann
22376 5.4 years ago George A Corrado Jr Impeachment of the President to cover up your Un-American do nothing negligence is not selling. In fact it only reminds me of how little you have been doing and how little you continue to do. Ovious...
22375 5.5 years ago Kris Williams
22374 5.5 years ago Kris Williams
22373 5.5 years ago Beverly McKay STOP IMPEACHMENT
22372 5.5 years ago Erin Yarrobino
22371 5.5 years ago Anonymous
22370 5.5 years ago Chris Graff
22369 5.5 years ago Chris Graff
22368 5.5 years ago Eric Hobbs
22367 5.5 years ago Anonymous It's the House of Representatives that should be impeached for its planned failure to take any action that would benefit the people of the United
22366 5.5 years ago Antonio Cuccovia
22365 5.5 years ago Paul Minkoff The Republican Party's effort to initiate an impeachment of Pres. Obama is a strange farce. I offer that following through on this would further expose the Republican members of Congress as a purpo...
22364 5.5 years ago Jonathan Hemming
22363 5.5 years ago James Covington People need to remember first and foremost that this is a CLASS WAR!!! The poor and former members of the Middle Class need to forget their other differences and UNITE against the top One Percent th...
22362 5.6 years ago Anonymous Im once again embarrassed for the USA. The republicans do nothing productive for the country. They are self serving bullies who, when they don't get their way resort to lies and manipulation. It t...
22361 5.6 years ago Bill Nierstedt
22360 5.6 years ago Virginia George
22359 5.6 years ago Mary Porter
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